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Practice and use your new skills!

Now that you know your way around your computer, you probably would like to do more than just opening windows and moving files around. You might want to write a resume, create a budget for your family expenses, or create a slide show with family pictures. This is where products such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint come in. These products are part of what is called Microsoft Office Suite.

Microsoft Office products like Word (documents), Excel (spreadsheets) or PowerPoint (presentation slides) are very commonly used in offices and classrooms and being able to work with them is a necessity in many situations. Here in Chicago Digital Learn, you can learn about Microsoft Word

When you are ready to learn more about all of the different Windows 7 tools, please check out the GCFLearn website for tutorials on Access 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007 and Word 2007.

Northstar Digital Literacy offers a good practice test your Windows 7 skills Go to and select the Windows image for Module 3a or click here to access the practice test directly.

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