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Practice and use your new skills!

Now you are ready to navigate websites on your own. Improving your navigation skills will help you move around websites faster. If you are searching for a job online, this skill will increase your ability to visit diferent websites with job offers. You can look for any website by using keywords and a search engine website ( is a popular one).

Here are some examples of websites that you may find useful:

Chicago Public Library - (opens in a new window). Use the Navigation Menu or the Search Box to find different sections of the website such as Catalog,  Events or Online Resources. The home page has a variety of Featured Content, as you can see by the different boxes.

City of Chicago - (opens in a new window). Use this website to find information involving every aspect of city government. The site is large and contains important and useful information so it is a good place to practice navigating.

Learn more about online search in the Basic Search Course.


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