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Practice and use your new skills!

Now's your chance to practice so you can create, edit, format and save any document you choose. Focus on formatting skills that are most important for success will help you look more professional in anything you do with documents. Becoming really proficient in word processing may even lead to a promotion at work! 

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word is just one part of Microsoft Office. You may have heard of other parts of Microsoft Office like Excel (spreadsheets) or PowerPoint (presentation slides). They are commonly used in offices and classrooms.   If you are ready to learn more, please check out this site from GCFLearnFree.  To use this site, it it best if you know which version you are using (for example, Office 2007 or Office 2010).   To learn more about versions and operating systems, please review the Learn Computer Terminology file (you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file, it is free). 

Microsoft also has their own tool to help people get more comfortable and discover computer life. It covers topics in great detail and is version and system specific.  If you are ready to progress, you may want to check it out the Digital Literacy site from Microsoft.

Google Docs

Do you have a Gmail email account?  Did you know that Google has its own online word processor that allows you to creat and edit texts and save them to your Google account?  If you want to explore this built-in feature of your account, try the Get started with Google Docs Guide.

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