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Practice and use your new skills!

Now that you have tried buying a plane ticket, it is time to explore the site live. Go to and navigate the site to learn more, even if you don't have plans of traveling soon.

Do you feel confident buying your plane ticket online and want to tackle your other travel plans online? Watch this 2 minute video that summarizes some other sites and apps you may want to learn about for your travel planning.  The course you just finished focused mostly on using Another option is, which works the same but is used mostly for hotels. If you'd like to learn about Expedia before attempting to use it check the Techboomers explanation about Expedia. People who own homes in vacation destinations advertise them for rent on a site called You can look through listings for a rental home instead of staying in a hotel the next time you travel. As always, before buying anything online, check that the site is secure and read the cancellation policy.

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