Courses >> Getting a Job Using Illinois workNet
4 Activities
23 Minutes
Contributed by Chicago Public Library
Topics: Job Search

This course explains the process of getting a job and the use of the Resume Builder tool within Illinois workNet, including the assessments, resumes and cover letters.

The course includes the process of searching and applying for a job using Indeed as part of Illinois workNet, and provides interviewing and follow up suggestions and resources.

Activities in This Course

Steps to finding jobs
1 05:00

Steps to finding jobs

Learn the seven steps in the process of getting a job

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Deciding jobs to consider
2 08:00

Deciding jobs to con...

In this step you will learn how to decide which jobs are good fit for you.

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Organizing the Job Search
3 00:03

Organizing the Job S...

Learn about the Job Search Record from Illinois workNet to make getting a job easier.

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Preparing your Resume an...
4 10:00

Preparing your Resum...

In this step you will learn how to write a resume and a cover letter using the Res...

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